How about getting fit with values?


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Values @ the heart of innovation & fun moves

Common stretch me further.....

RELAX! It's a non technical and non physical sports event. Yet, we believe that technology and sports without values will not take us to greater heights.

While stretching out of the box, our minds gave rise to


Values @ the heart of innovation & fun moves.

The MODE: Flash Ta Tribe!
A fun event with the analogy of sports, community values and tech slice thoughts.

Sports analogy?
Ohhh my InnoVAFun...

Hey RELAX a bit more..let us explain the twist!

A creative perspective

Well, in this thrilling games spirit season, we believe every person can be a sports person in his or her organisation or on any program. At the intersection of games and technology disruption we believe values still have their seats of recognition that keep us alive ! 

Agile with VALUES thinking

Agility develops your mind for fitness of action. Just as athletes have to train with rigorous values, to deliver a performance, every individual operating on a project, company or organisation must also perform to certain standards.


Why not let the flame of the sportsmen and sportswomen in ourselves arise and challenge ourselves to embrace the values that make us more agile and more human centric. All of this with a fun factor and dwelling team spirit !

What inspired us? 

JIO1 2019

JIOI 2019 ..rocking sports spirit..Allez MORIS!!!

YALI Serves

YALI SERVES..rocking community values!


YAEP..still rocking digitech literacy !

''exercising our minds outside the comfort
zone opens ups endless
growth opportunities

We took the plunge to envision larger

We decided to dream bigger. 
We fueled the perspective of digitech literacy

with that of community values and
the analogy of sports. 


09 August 2019
17h15 to 21h30

up to 22hrs




Registration now closed
Next Edition in August 2021 

Deadline for registration is the 8th August.


Rule number one. On the 9th August 2019. Everyone selected will be an active participant

Registration Badge

On the 9th of August 2019. Pick up your registration sticker colour. Identify those with the same colour as they will form part of your team tribe!

Refreshment and bonding time

Enjoy some finger snacks and drinks. Seize the opportunity to network with your tribe as well. Start the team spirit early! But, when the house rulers whistle get ready to take a seat!
No more food!

Value intervention

 Values interventions start! Listen attentively to the intervention, the speakers and the instructions. Once the theme is selected you shall have a mixed series of mind sprints, and a team play act!

Jury members announce the winning team
Program ends at 21h30 & networking till 22hrs.

Dress code

Come as you are BUT remember to do some make over when you arrive. Relaxed, sporty or fun. Hats, caps, bananas, Mauritian flags and wigs are allowed to support your tribe! or use some of our fun materials or face paint provided on that day. Be creative :) 

InnoVAFun explores

Values at the heart of innovation and
fun move

Values' centric factor

The power of WE

WE network. WE experiment. WE engage. WE cultivate.
Team spirit factor

Flash ta Tribe.. an experiental evening of  values

Freshly innovative and actionable concept with thought games factor

Menu Menu
- MC  Pan-African Luciathe Zimbabwean!! - LIFEFIAN VC
- Intro Speaker 
Yogesh Jankee - Head of implementation -Ceridian  

- Guest Artist
 Aurelie Paul- Winner of the Vibe MORIS ...yeah Vibe it high

- InnoVAFun concept creator
   LIFEFIAN Selena...the one and only...she hides behind the curtains yet curates innovation in everything 

- Agile Speakers from Mauritius
   Vichal Roy Jootun and Subash Rajcoomar- Scrum Masters- MCB COO Office

- International visiting speaker
Sanjiv Singh-Group Chief Strategy Officer, TRESCON
- Draw Time- Ohhhhh we love gifts...
Body Doubles Organisers
Madhav Meetarbhan NETMARK- He is dazzling designly poposh ! & LIFEFIAN Patricia Ah Tong ...I assist with that

Game Time 1-3

-Jury FO....Crazy people
-Jury flash ta tribe .. Really crazy ones to the square! 
Thank you 

2021 Edition will be open in March 2021 for registration of interests 


Partners & Champions

InnoVAFun 2019

Stay tuned for updates on the list of network partners and recognised InnoVAFun YAEP    LIFEFA champions.

Does your organisation deserve to be a recognized champion? Drop us a mail at
Deadline: 05  August 2019

A glimpse of the event!

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